impressionist and comedienne, while also commanding attention as a serious actor and gaining major accolades. 

In 2003, Cissy received an LA Ovations Award nomination as Lead Actress portraying Marlene Dietrich in the play An Evening with Marlene.  In 2005, Cissy received an ADA award nomination for her world premiere one-woman play Plane Crazy.

The consummate performer, Cissy’s warm and

Cissy wouldn’t get off the stage when she
was three years old in the Little Miss
Arkansas talent contest.  Nothing’s
changed. Except her costumes.

In the deep South, she received accolades
and awards for character work in plays by Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote. She garnered trophies and blue ribbons for outstanding oratory and debate competitions. Winning the title of Miss Jackson, Alabama led her to extensive work in music and theatre.

A multi-faceted performer, Cissy is known for    her stage work, particularly in the arena of one-woman shows. She received stellar reviews for her portrayal of Serena McCall in Look at Me, a one-woman play by southern playwright Benjamin Bradford.  In fact, one-woman plays and shows have become her forte.  Playing Katharine Hepburn’s life in a one-woman show, Kate, she displayed her unique talents as an

bluesy song styling runs the gamut from country to jazz. She is non-stop with her celebrated cabaret act, stand-up comedy and legitimate theatre.  She led one reviewer to write, “Cissy Conner has enough talent and energy to supply a dozen road shows of Shirley Valentine”.

Cissy has the three most terrific kids in the world.  She resides both in Los Angeles and Chicago.